Design Behavior As Programming

Design behaviour is full of all aspects of human life: the products we use every day, the means of transportation we travel, the media advertisements we see, the houses we live in, and the space of the city. From a large amount of design behaviour data, you can see that the design behaviour itself may be extremely logical, and even a little processing can form computer code (who can think of it). So we propose: design behaviour is programming. If this is the truth, then the realisation of artificial intelligence design is just around the corner, the efficiency of design iteration will be greatly improved, and the design products will be unparallelled.

3D Design As Main Way Of Working In Design Industry

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What Is 3D-BOT?

3D-Bot is a scientific research project carried out by a group of cross-professional geeks. Through the design behaviour data-driven artificial intelligence technology, we have developed an efficient 3D modelling design tool of “design behaviour is programming”. It can observe, understand and optimise the user’s design process for specific products or goals in 3D software, and achieve efficient human-computer interaction design. At present, 3D-Bot is a plug-in developed based on the Rhino 3D platform…

What Can 3D-BOT Do In AEC Industry?

AI Modeling

No computer programming is required; the adjustment of the whole scheme can be achieved only by adjusting the reference object in the 3D modelling process, such as the case demonstration of rotating stairs…

Intelligent Process Standard

Build your BIM directly without software conversion, and process BIM design changes more efficiently in familiar software. such as the case demonstration of quick adjustment of the standard two-run staircase model.

Dynamic Evaluation

Hand over complex models and calculation logic to bot processing, directly see the results you want, accelerate design feedback and design iteration, and improve the efficiency of the design process, such as the case demonstration of real-time feedback of building shape and building area.

High-speed Design

Local adjustment according to different needs in the unified design method is the normal state of the design process. 3D-Bot is especially suitable for the global migration and local adjustment of design methods, such as the case display of louvered facade modelling.

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